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West Shire Village Rates

Ocala Pet Sitting Rates

Special Rates for West Shire Village Residents

West Shire Village

8710 SW 71st Avenue Road

Ocala, FL 34476

For our Partner Neighborhoods, We Offer Package Discounts on Dog Walking and Cat Sitting Services*

We provide discounted single visits and package discounts specifically for West Shire Village residents. These packages are like "Forever Stamps" for pet care - they never expire, and you can benefit from even greater discounts in the future, even if our prices increase over time.

Please make sure you schedule adequate time for us to complete everything you ask of us. If not, we will finish taking care of everything you have asked for and bill you for the extra time. 




Buy 20 Visits

$23.00 Each

Buy 10 Visits

$25.00 Each




Buy 20 Visits

$25.00 Each

Buy 10 Visits

$28.00 Each

Partner with Ocala Pet Sitting?

Would you like to see your neighborhood partner with us? Contact your leasing office and ask them if they would be interested. We'd love to be put in touch with them. 

Holiday Fee: $10 per visit

Charged on Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Memorial Day Weekend (Fri-Mon), Father's Day, Independence Day, Labor Day Weekend (Fri-Mon), Thanksgiving Week (Wed-Sun), Spring Break Week (Marion County Schools Schedule), Winter Break (2nd Friday in December through New Year's Day).

Last Minute Booking Fee: $25 per booking

We want to say yes and accommodate as many bookings as possible. Our schedules are often set many weeks or months in advance. This fee will be charged for bookings with less than 24 hours notice if we can accommodate them.

*These partnership packages only apply to 20 Min & 30 Min Dog Walking and Cat Sitting Services. For more services, check out our packages for extended vacation pet sitting and overnight services.

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