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OPS KittyCam

Enjoy a Unique Pet Care Experience 

Luxury Add-on Services at Ocala Pet Sitting

Relieve your Stress with OPS KittyCam Rental Service

Kitty Cam Rental Live Cam during pet sitting

OPS KittyCam Rental

$10/day  NOW $7 per day (1 camera)

Do you worry that your shy kitties are not eating, drinking or using their litter box while you're away?

Forget-the-stress, we've come up with the solution! With your permission, we'll set up a motion-activated webcam, point it at their food or litter box area, monitor their daily activity, and report to you daily. You'll also have access to view the camera Live via a private link. After your trip, KittyCam comes home with us and your data is deleted.

This service is exclusive to Ocala Pet Sitting and the purr-fect solution for shy kitties.

Litter Box Sanitation Service

Is there a bad smell coming from your litter box even though you scoop it regularly?

Is your kitty suddenly urinating outside of their box?
_2023-04 Round Svcs Litter box.png

We have solutions for you. Did you know your cat's litter box should be completely emptied, sanitized, and refilled every month?

We understand that cleaning your cat's litter boxes can be a daunting, time consuming, and physically demanding task, which is why many people tend to avoid it.


Ocala Pet Sitting offers a solution to these problems by providing regular sanitation services for your cat's litter boxes. This means that you won't have to worry about cleaning the boxes yourself. 

You can keep your hands clean and your cat happy while still ensuring that your cat's living area is hygienic and healthy.

We offer these services with or without vacation pet care. 

_2023-04 Round Svcs Ongoing Scoop.png

Ongoing Litter Box Scooping Service

Are you too busy or physically unable to scoop your litter box daily?

Are you or someone you love pregnant and unable to scoop?

Let us help you and your kitty! Daily litter box scooping is crucial for their health and happiness.


Life changes like busy schedules, long work hours, surgeries, or pregnancy can make it challenging to keep up. Pregnant women should avoid litter box scooping due to potential health risks.

Our reliable litter box service is here to save the day! We'll handle the dirty work with care, keeping the litter box clean, fresh, and hygienic. Choose a schedule that suits you, and enjoy affordable pricing with bonded and insured service.

Give your cat the clean space they deserve. Contact us now to get started, and consider purchasing this thoughtful service as a gift for your pregnant loved one, providing them with peace of mind and a safe environment for their feline companion!


(Add-on to Your
Pet Care)


Per Box

Give your kitty a fresh start! (Recommended every 30 days)

(We Visit You
Without Pet Care)


First Box

Empty, Sanitize, Refill & Refresh your Litter Box.

$20.00 each additional litter box.



First two Boxes

Daily, Weekly, Monthly litter box scoop & top-off service. $10.00 each additional litter box.

Travel Pet Sitting Service

Do you travel or have multiple homes and want to give your pets only the best no matter the location?

Send Shannon packing right to your door! Shannon's Luxury Travel Pet Sitting Service is the Perfect Solution for Your Jet-setting Lifestyle. Whether You Travel Frequently or Have Multiple Homes, Your Pets Deserve the Best Care No Matter Where You Roam.

_2023-04 Round Svcs cat suitcase.png

Experience peace of mind as Shannon, an experienced professional with a deep affection for animals, ensures unparalleled care and comfort for your beloved pets. With a genuine love for all creatures, she caters to the unique needs of each furry friend, providing them with the utmost attention and affection.

Rest assured, your pets will be in safe and caring hands, as Shannon's expertise extends to all types of pets, from playful puppies to graceful felines and everything in between.

Indulge your pets with a first-class pet sitting experience, customized to their preferences and routines. Whether it's daily exercise, gourmet meals, or cuddle sessions, Shannon delivers tailored services to keep your pets happy, healthy, and content during your absence.

Contact Shannon to join our exclusive circle of pet owners and reserve Shannon's premier travel pet care service today! Embrace your wanderlust, knowing your beloved companions are nurtured and cherished by a trusted professional.

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