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House & Plant Care Rates

Watering House Plants

TLC for your home and plants, reassurance for you.

At OPS we understand your plants and home are important, too!

At Ocala Pet Sitting, we know that your home isn't just a place, it's your sanctuary. Even if you're away without your furry family members, rest assured that we'll provide the same exceptional care and attention to your home and plants.

Beyond pet care, our dedicated team will ensure your home remains safe and sound. We'll diligently check that everything—from appliances to plumbing—is in perfect working order. Should we spot any issues, like a running faucet or a glitchy appliance, we'll promptly notify you and take appropriate action with your approval.

Your indoor and outdoor plants will thrive under our watchful eye. We'll water them as needed and make sure they receive the sunlight they crave. Our goal is to maintain your home as if someone were living there, giving you peace of mind knowing everything is well-tended in your absence.


With Ocala Pet Sitting, it's not just about pets—it's about caring for every aspect of your home life, ensuring everything is in its place and functioning smoothly. Enjoy your time away worry-free, knowing your home and plants are in capable hands.









Please make sure you schedule adequate time for us to complete everything you ask of us. If not, we will finish taking care of everything you have asked for and bill you for the extra time. 

Holiday Fee: $10 per visit

Charged on Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Memorial Day Weekend (Fri-Mon), Father's Day, Independence Day, Labor Day Weekend (Fri-Mon), Thanksgiving Week (Wed-Sun), Spring Break Week (Marion County Schools Schedule), Winter Break (2nd Friday in December through New Year's Day).

Last Minute Booking Fee: $25 per booking

We want to say yes and accommodate as many bookings as possible. Our schedules are often set many weeks or months in advance. This fee will be charged for bookings with less than 24 hours notice if we can accommodate them.

A Note about our House & Plant Service:

Our House and Plant Check service is to be a set of eyes and ears when you're away and to report our findings each visit. Please understand we are not professional gardeners nor do we provide any home repair services. We will water according to the schedule you provide for us and check the moisture content in your potted plants using a soil meter.


Time Blocks Available: Anytime Visit (between 8am - 8pm) at our discretion. Clients may skip days for this service because there are NO PETS in the home. 


*House and Plant checks are for clients with NO PETS at home. If you have any pets at all, including fish and other easy to care for living animals, we would book you for pet sitting instead. 

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