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Small Critter Care

Keep your small critters at home while you are away.

Small Critter Care Services at Ocala Pet Sitting

Why hire a small animal pet sitter?

Do you worry the neighbor or friend might feel burdened or possibly forget to visit your pets? 

It's a legitimate concern. With Ocala Pet Sitting you can rest assured that your pets and schedule are our priority. This isn’t a hobby or a favor, and we won’t cancel on you at the last minute. We have experience in animal behavior and we are skilled at noticing the little things that matter to your pet and home’s safety. A professional pet sitter is insured and bonded and of course, has a love of pets, but a professional also holds themselves to a much higher bar of accountability than your average hobby sitter.

Ocala Pet Sitting has many years of experience with large birds, sugar gliders, and other exotic pets. We know they are sensitive to changes in their environments and easily stressed, and we are able to recognize the signs and notify you immediately. With exotics, we know an ounce of prevention goes a very long way in keeping them happy and healthy.


Experienced, professional pet sitting allows owners to confidently leave their pets at home, knowing that they will receive the love and care they so rightly deserve.

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