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Our Guiding Principles

About Ocala Pet Sitting

Our Mission

To support people and pets in our community by providing reliable, compassionate care and giving back to pets in need.

At Ocala Pet Sitting, we're not just pet sitters; we're the support you need and your pet's second best friend.


We are dedicated to supporting people and pets in our community by offering responsible, loving care, education, and enrichment. We're on a mission to empower pet owners with the knowledge needed for happy and healthy pets, while also helping our community's homeless pets thrive through our one-for-one giving program. 


When you choose us, you're not just acquiring a service; you're becoming a valued member of The OPS Family, our extended pet-cherished community.

Our Purpose

We are the premium cat sitting, dog walking and small animal care provider in Ocala, FL. We promise our clients their beloved pet is treated like they are our own family member through our H.E.A.R.T. Signature Service Guarantee. We take pride in our high standard of cleanliness and ability to notice every detail of a pet’s routine and unique personality. We firmly believe that the education and care we provide to each team member directly influence the exceptional standard of care we offer to our clients and their beloved pets.

Our Vision

To create a world where cats are cherished family members and given the time, attention and understanding they deserve.

Along with our huge love for dogs, as a cat specialized service our vision extends to a world where every cat is not just a pet but is also a cherished family member, living their best life alongside their human companions. We believe that this begins with a deep understanding of feline needs, including the significant time and attention they require. As professional pet sitters, we are dedicated to ensuring that every cat in our care receives the love, companionship, and understanding they truly deserve. Through our expertise and compassion, we aim to lead the way in showing the world just how fulfilling the bond between cats and humans can be. Let’s create a future where cats are celebrated, and their unique personalities are cherished and given attentive care provided by knowledgeable cat sitters.

Our Values

  • We Care Deeply

    We treat our clients like family and we love their pets with our whole hearts. We treat the business with respect and care about our team members. 

  • We are Always Learning

    We aim to learn from every pet and every situation. We make it a part of our daily life to read, ask questions, get trained, and speak openly about our struggles with the team. We're open to learning from client feedback.

  • We Ask Questions

    We are encouraged to ask our team manager, another sitter, or a client when we don’t know the best action to take for a client’s pets. We know it’s 100% better to ask than to assume. 

  • We Create WOW!

    Everything we do - how we respond to clients, how we demonstrate our love for their pets, and how tidy we leave their homes - should be aimed at creating a WOW experience for our clients.

  • We are Trustworthy and Transparent

    We demonstrate trust by honoring our commitments. We admit mistakes, rectify and learn from them. We respect our clients’ privacy and property. Our reputation in our community matters to us.

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