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Pet Sitting Services

Cat Sitting Services at Ocala Pet Sitting

Keep your pets at home and happy while you are away.

Why hire a pet sitter?

Your pets are happiest when they are home, surrounded by familiar sights, smells, and sounds. For many years, pet owners had few options when they were away from home for an extended period- either ask a friend or neighbor for help or pay to have them boarded at a kennel. Neither of those solutions is the best choice for your pet. Professional pet sitting offers an excellent alternative.

  • Pet sitters come to your house to care for all your pets and your home.

  • No more of the anxiety that often results from leaving a pet behind or placing your pet in a strange environment.

  • Owners do not need to create stress transporting pets away from their homes and then worry that they might be exposed to other animals' illnesses.

  • Your pets stay safe and comfortable at home, maintaining their regular routines and following their regular schedule.

  • Your pet will be pampered by a caring and dependable professional using all the care instructions that you specify.

Do you worry the neighbor or friend might feel burdened or possibly forget to visit your pets?

It's a legitimate concern. With Ocala Pet Sitting you can rest assured that your pets and schedule are our priority. This isn’t a hobby or a favor, and we won’t cancel on you at the last minute. We have experience in animal behavior and we are skilled at noticing the little things that matter to your pet and home’s safety. A professional pet sitter is insured and bonded and of course, has a love of pets, but a professional also holds themselves to a much higher bar of accountability than your average hobby sitter.

Ocala Pet Sitting has many years of experience with birds, sugar gliders, snakes, chinchillas, and other exotic pets. We know they are sensitive to changes in their environments and easily stressed, and we are able to recognize the signs and notify you immediately. With exotics, we know an ounce of prevention goes a very long way in keeping them happy and healthy.


Experienced, professional pet sitting allows owners to confidently leave their pets at home, knowing that they will receive the love and care they so rightly deserve.

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Please Note: OPS offers drop-in vacation pet sitting visits for cats, reptiles, and other small critters. If you are looking for vacation care for dogs, we have options for you on this service page

Cat Sitting Services at Ocala Pet Sitting

What visit length is best for you?

The Cheetah - 30 Minute Visits

The Cheetah visit is a 30-minute option that's ideal for shy or senior cats and lower-maintenance pets like reptiles, hamsters, fish, or birds.


We'll provide fresh water, food, and a litter box cleaning, along with a quick visual health check and spending time with them.


We're patient and skilled with cat body language, using our Signature H.E.A.R.T. System to respect their space. Most shy cats eventually warm up to us, so we're open to building a relationship and increasing their time.


Time Blocks Available: Breakfast and Dinner for 2x/day clients, or Anytime for 1x/day clients.


For up to three cats. More than 3 cats require a 45-minute visit. Our minimum visit frequency is once per day.

The Lion Heart - 45 Minute Visits

The Lion Heart is our most popular service, which includes plenty of time for chores, cuddles, love, and playtime.


These visits are ideal for multi-pet homes needing extra time for cleaning and socializing.


Most cats enjoy two visits per day, and we require a minimum of one visit per day.

Time Blocks Available: Breakfast and Dinner for 2x/day clients, or Anytime for 1x/day clients.


For up to five cats. More than 5 cats require a 60-min visit. Our minimum visit frequency is once per day.

The Tiger's Pride - 60 Minute Visits

We offer Tiger's Pride visits that provide relaxation for both your cat and sitter for an hour.


These visits are a great opportunity for extra bonding time and can include calming tunes, reading, or TV.


Our Signature H.E.A.R.T. System gives your cats the staycation they deserve, and these visits are ideal for multiple pet homes that need extra cleaning and socializing time.


We recommend two visits per day, but once per day is the minimum.

Time Blocks Available: Breakfast and Dinner for 2x/day clients, or Anytime for 1x/day clients.

For up to 8 pets. Visit length may be upgraded and charged accordingly.

Bed & Breakfast - Package Deal  $120

Bed and Breakfast Pet Care is an "Almost Overnight" service that is ideal for highly affectionate cats and dogs who will cuddle with you for hours or really love human companionship.

Bed and Breakfast Pet Care is a package deal of Two Hours in the evening plus a 30-minute breakfast visit.

Your pets will love the extra love and affection.

Looking for Overnight Pet Care?

About (What Makes Us Different).png

We've got you covered. Shannon is available for overnight pet care with a few select clients.

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