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Extra cuddles coming right up!

Pamper your Pets with Overnight Care!

Premium Live-in Pet Care Rates - $250/night

We think your pets deserve the best of the best and that's why Our Premium Live-in Service, exclusively with Shannon, gives your pets 20+ hours of focused care in the comfort of their own home, with a professional who has the highest qualifications and maximum amount of love to give. 

We know nothing can replace the love you give your babies, but we believe that this premier service with Shannon is the next best thing.  Send us and email, we'd love to set up a time to speak with you!

This service is available to all locations outside of our service area. If you've got sweet paws waiting for me, I'll travel to you! 

Overnight Pet Care Rates - $150/night

Our Overnight Service exclusively with Shannon gives your pets 15 hours of focused overnight care.

When you want your babies to have an evening sleeping buddy and they are independent during the daytime hours, this is an excellent option. Add a mid-day visit if you have pups who need a potty break.

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